I often wonder why it is that the home and food are so important to me. I think it’s that they both “feed” and nurture us (at least they do for me).

To me, design gives a house more than just a pretty picture to others. It should be a reflection of who the users are. I say users, because not all of us own our places of living. I love to travel, but I love to be home, in my bathrobe, at peace. I feel secure and comfortable where I am. There’s no view or spectacular landscape. My place feels and smells like me. It’s familiar and a respite for me when life is icky. It’s a wonderful space to entertain a few friends. I am flattered when someone feels comfortable enough to take their shoes off and put their feet on the coffee table, or plump the pillows on the sofa to fit their own bodies, as if they are in their own home. I think we all like a sense of place and belonging.

Food nurtures our souls and hearts, not just our bodies. Granted, some take it to extremes, but the passion and effort many make to eat well for health and enjoyment is amazing. On the average we spend 13% of our income and 10% of our time eating and drinking. That’s quite a lot of effort made to fuel ourselves. Of course, I certainly eat to thrive, but I also love to cook and dine. For me, it’s part of the art of life and enjoyment of living. The process of cooking, taking something and turning it into art and sustainment is so fulfilling.

They say we “eat with our eyes first”. A lovely place to eat where you feel comfortable, eating good things, and in the company of loved ones, surely must be one of the best things we can enjoy.


Photo courtesy of Outstanding in the Field, which, if you haven’t enjoyed one of their events, well, you just haven’t lived. Learn more HERE.