Hello Again!  I realize that my last post was back in June.  Since then, summer was full of friends, family, volunteering, and I was revving up my blogging brain for new and exciting content.  I can scarcely believe that we are going back to school soon.  I am sitting at my desk today to catch up on life and get the calendar ready for fall and all that it includes.  I plan to eat well, do some design work, and well, enjoy life.  I am sad to see the summer go, but happy that a lot of busy-ness is past me. The fall will be full, but back to balance, which will include some reading, exercising, great food and music, and the usual fun friends, who are my extended family.

So, good-bye summer and hello “fall” (in Texas, fall is really a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but who’s watching).  Photo above is my dog, Harley, showing a very sad face, that beach time will be limited in the coming months.  See you back here soon with more posts on new fab restaurants with great food and design, and more surprises.

Au revoir, Summer!