About Me

I am an interior designer and food lover.  Food, for me, is about people.  It brings us close to the ones we love.  It picks us up, comforts us, transfers us to another place.  For me, the kitchen is like an artist’s canvas.  No two meals are alike, even if it’s made of the same people.  A meal is made of surroundings, people, food, and wine.

From an early age, I learned to cook.  My mentor was Julia Child.  She taught me not only to cook, but to love food and the art of preparation.  My mother was a good cook, but my father not as open minded, so our fare was basic, but well cooked.  To this day, my favorite meal of hers is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

It’s my deepest pleasure to share my home with people I enjoy.  When you combine food with home, you get entertaining and I am passionate about serving my guests quality food, drink, and conversation.  You will find me able to speak about food nearly any time. If we can incorporate music into the mix, that makes for an even better occasion.

Blogging for me is not about throwing thoughts into the universe, but starting a conversation with those who love design and food.  So, please write and comment.  It only makes the conversation richer. Mangia!

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